Chapter 4 - Japa

Jul 19, 2020

(Original Post)

Hi, my name is Japa, Elf.

I grew tired of all the tree humping going on in my retreat, so I came to a dwarven fortress that I had heard about.

And OH MY GOD this place is a mess. This will not do at all!

So I took charge of the place. Let's see if I can get the residents of this place in shape.

First thing I noticed, on arriving on their wonderous dining hall, was some dripping from holes in the ceiling. Investigation revealed that there was a series of pumps on the level above, designed to give a pleasant misting on the diners below. It was not functioning.

Further investigation revealed that it was meant to be powered by a series of water wheels that, in turn, are run by water flowing over them, which is pumped... by the same power from the waterwheel.

EXCUSE ME, we follow the first law of thermodynamics in this fortress, thank you very much!.

This, of course, would not do. So I set about building a series of waterwheels on the surface powered by the river. I know dwarfs don't like working up there, in the sun and weather and forest scents. Well tough.

These were housed in an enclosure, which was connected to the fortress by an enclosed series of axles.

Sometime during the construction of this, a squad of goblins attacked, and while we were able to chase them off, it was not without casualties, which revealed to me the desperate need of this fortress to have some better defenses.

So without further ado, I set my dwarfs on digging a moat around the fortress, as well as some walls just on the inside. This took up the remainder of the year, with the wall just about nearly being finished now.

With both projects completed or nearly so, I feel it is time for me to step down, and do my part helping defending this fortress against outside threats, and so, I have transferred myself from a position of leadership, to a position on the front lines.

(Here is the full video log of my turn)