Chapter 6 - WhimsicalPuck

Jul 19, 2020

(Original Post)

Overseer's Log #1

May the following be entered into the log, this date 1-1-255:

"Whimsical Puck" Dakasrovod, Mayor of Zakunrikoth, is hereby requested and ordered to take command of Zakunrikoth and fulfill the position of overseer from this date until such time as new orders are delivered."

Whimsical Puck, Zakunrikoth

Overseer's Log #2

This place is pure chaos. I mean, I knew this. I have been mayor here for a while. But now that I have been placed into the position of overseer it has truly struck home what an insane maze this fortress is. Stockpiles everywhere, no attention paid to efficiency or logic, entire floors dedicated to tiny rooms filled with...well, as I said, mostly stockpiles. I must try to find some logic, some meaning to all of this...

Overseer's Log #3

There is a giant room shaped like a fox. A fox. And it appears to be a dining hall combined with a library combined with a tomb. All with a mister pouring down upon everyone, which is nice, but no one can clean anything because they keep slipping everytime they bend down! Dangerous terrain my right eye tooth!

Overseer's Log #4

I finally found the livestock pen! Not that we need it. This place is overflowing with food. Perhaps we can sell the majority of it...

Overseer's Log #5

I have "fixed" our steel production problem. It appears that craftsdwarves were making trade goods and crafts with dolomite, a flux stone. They damn near used up what little they have mined, so I have begun a large-scale mining operation for more dolomite and limonite. This, combined with the iron stocks already on hand, should lead to a robust steel industry.

Overseer's Log #6

The military is not weak, exactly, but it is poorly outfitted and underdwarfed. Once steel production picks up (you would not believe how much pig iron one suit of armor and one weapon requires!) and the new squads are sufficiently trained, we will begin raiding the goblins. This fort must expand its territory if it would become the Mountainhome!

Overseer's Log #7

More like--hic--UNDERseer's log. Heh heh "log"... *He felt euphoria due to inebriation*. Snzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Wait what! What! I'm awake! We're under attack? We're under attack! Sound the alarm, alert squads one and two...we'll show these damned humans what we're made of!

Overseer's Log #8

Well, that was...confusing. The humans attacked, if that's the right word for it. They assembled outside the fortress and made their intentions clear. Dwarves scrambled inside and our warriors scrambled outside, only for the humans to suddenly become consumed with terror and run away. We chased them as far as we could, but there wasn't even a single confontation.

Overseer's Log #9

After going through the manager's papers, I have added multiple orders and weeded out several orders that had no way of being completed. For example, we had everything needed for soap...except lye. The workshops are hard at work now remedying that situation.

Overseer's Log #10

I have to give my predecessors credit, some of the designs here are impressive. The temples especially have a certain grandeur.

Overseer's Log #11

I have recieved a message from the Mountainhome with the outpost liason. I am to be replaced as overseer at the beginning of next year. Apparently, despite my general successes, I am not what the Mountainhome is looking for a in a long term overseer. I'm a "problem solver", not a "general manager", apparently. Well, I can only try to solve as many problems as I can before the year is out. We have four months to go...I'll do the best I can.

Overseer's Log #12

The weremonitor got loose! Let me explain...upon werebeast infection, two dwarves were put in a private, walled-in house near the fort by my predecessors. They have mostly been no problem, and although the werebuffalo is in a constant state of rage at this point, the weremonitor has been mostly sedate (excepting his monthly transformations, of course). Apparently, his manner was a ruse. He had been planning an escape, and made good upon it, attacking one of the kobold poets who has joined our metropolis and doing serious damage before being dispatched by nearby dwarves. Now I have to figure out what to do about the poor goblin poet.

Overseer's Log #13

The goblin poet has gone to the dining hall and is refusing to come out. At first, I was going to have him enclosed, just as the other werebeasts have been, but he refused completely. I had an atom smasher built as an intimidation measure, but he still refused to budge, sitting in the library and defiantly reading. Finally, I had to expel him from the fort and have him executed in front of everyone. Remarkably, no one cared. Apparently, our weremonitor goblin poet was not well-loved.

In any case, there are two months left before I am replaced. I hope nothing else bad happens...

Overseer's Log #14

And a child shall lead them!

A child named after a former overseer has created a gem of an artifact! Good for him!

Overseer's Log #15

A most peculiar attack happened. First, a might titan appeared.

I sounded the alarm and alerted the entire military. But then the titan inexplicably went into the tomb of a former overseer, planted itself down in front of the coffin, and just sat there for over a day, while the military closed in upon it.

In any case, it was dispatched handily, with not a single soldier lost!

Overseer's Log #16, Final Log

Well, I have left things a little more orderly, efficient, and logical than I found them. I have also sufficiently donated to the Mountainhome that our little metropolis is up for consideration for the capital. I only hope my successor knows what to do with the royals.

As for me, I return to my post as mayor, which I find far more comfortable. Dig deep and greedily, Siegedcraft!