Chapter 8 - Entitas

Jul 19, 2020

(Original Post)

The month and a half of BlueZest's turn I wrapped up didn't have much of interest happen in it. I mostly let the turn play out without much interaction or interference on my part.

We did have a withdrawing from society to make a wooden ring, and I queued up some jobs in the manager to appease some mandates.

I did DFHacking in an attempt to save FPS:

Dammed up a water flow in the northeast side and removed the water from it.

Ran clean, cleanconst, and cleanowned.

This helped a little, but not a lot. The main problem is the sheer, absolute quantity of units on our map (its size isn't helping us either, but that's unfixable). Thanos jokes aside, we really have to get people off the map in some fashion, it's the only way we can reasonably speed the game back up. How it's done isn't something I'm qualified to do with this month and a half, hell I don't feel comfortable what what I've done already.