Chapter 9 - jo

Jul 19, 2020

(Original Post)

This is how we begin. 170+ citizens, untold wealth, and a stack of nobles with unknown plans. Oh and a Major FPS problem.

I start with dfhack's fix/fat-dwarves (and did a map clean too).


I exterminated a few underground populations that were just pathing about and couldn't actually get in the base.

Gross, but safely locked in the caverns.

One way to get rid of extra citizens is to take the fight out of the fort…

Alrighty, we had a few captured, but we largely took the fight to the goblins…

Got FPS under control


That's a new one!

Also a new one. I'm not sure what lord this was consorting with.

Seriously no idea.

Here's the ending populations. I cleared out a few dozen animals from the menagerie which wasn't reflected in previous screenshots.

Ending Screen!

Now some projects. Finished the pump stack for filling the maze.

Closed off some rooms that weren't being used.

Rearranged things so there was only this one ramp system for up and down…

Main entrance on top level now is a 2-wide ramp instead of a series of 1-wide ramps. And removed the doors.

Which leads here to one of the 4x ramps setups from the original fort layout which leads to…

All of the floors down to kitfox room have been sealed in the 4-ramp part near the top in lieu of the 3-wide ramp near bottom. I also closed off all the side stairwells. Reducing the number of different paths one can take through the fort increased FPS along with the other measures.