Dec 07, 2020

Tangledeep is just one of those games I picked up, got completely obsessed with, and several hundred hours later turned completely inside-out before getting bored and wandering away. Unsurprisingly, I think it's a good game, although not without its problems. This page isn't for a review, though, its purpose is to be a dumping ground for stuff I either created or learned about the game.

First, I created a whole lot of mods, which are available on the Steam Workshop, but you can download local copies here:

Firearms, an attempt at adding a "pseudo-class" of weaponry to the game. I'd like to redo this one using affixes from the DLC (I insisted on making it vanilla-compatible) to possibly make them more interesting.

Two NetHack-themed mods: Quest Artifacts, add some awkwardly-balanced legendaries, and The Ascension Kit, which is a mix-and-match Gear Set that I consider the better of the two with a very fun concept.

And finally, Generic 2-Handers, which I'm not including for download because it was actually added to the game as official content!

Smaller scale mods include a legendary that lets any job learn skills like a Wild Child, and a collection of consumables that use monster-only abilities. I lose those while moving computers, so they'll have to get remade. Not necessarily hard, since I remember most of the details, just more effort than I'm going to put in on the first draft of this page.

I created an ability randomizer for the game, which is a bit of a jury-rigged affair because there's no easy way to edit the game binary or anything like that. Instead, it relies on the modding system to create an accessory that has all your abilities on it, and you just use the honor system that you don't learn any other stuff. If you're curious about it, go ahead and check out the Tangledeep Ability Randomizer: Hacky Ugly Modding Edition. (The URL in the helpfile for the mod is a little broken right now - you can get the Randomizer Ring here for now.)

I also did a fair amount of data-mining (read: browsing the XML reference and save files) and made a few interesting write-ups there. I'll have to fish them out from the seven seas they were scattered to, but whenever I get around to it (or if someone really, really wants to something up here for some reason) they'll be linked.